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Pneumatic Valves



ButtonDirect acting solenoid valves

ButtonSpool type solenoid and pneumatically actuated valvesoo

ButtonPoppet type solenoid valves

ButtonManually And mechanically actuated valves

ButtonFlow and pressure control valves

ButtonSpecial valves for MERCURY
Hydro pneumatic pumps
Air boosters
‘PET’ stretch blow moulding machines

ButtonSafety Valves
Dual valve for fail safe operation of pneumatic clutches
2 hand safety system for foot operated mechanical presses, shars etc.

ButtonAutomatic drain solenoid valves

ButtonSolenoid coils, connectors & timer operated coils

ButtonSpecial valves for OEM applications
Tyre inflation solenoid valves
Pneumatic hoist valves
Valve - Cylinder combination
Dual flow valves for non corrosive liquids